Website Marketing using Social Media

A few years back, concept of promoting an online business through social media was nonexistent. Now, due to extensive development of social networking sites and trends of blogging, social media has become a great platform for website promotion.

I find social media to be the easiest way of promoting anything. It is convenient to make accounts; there are multitudes of people that take everything on that media very seriously. I found a lot of fun in promoting my website through social media.

Another factor which makes social media marketing very successful is the price factor. There is no or very little cost.

Promoting website through social media

Here are the ways through which you can advertise your website. As you’ll see they are very hassle free.


Make a blog about your business website and host it on your own domain. If you update the blog regularly and you have interesting info to share, people will visit the blog and improve your website’s rank eventually. You can keep a close relation with visitors and customers via blogging. Relevant sites may link your blog to their sites.

Social networking sites

Inevitably you have to promote your business on websites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr etc. Imagine the amount of people who visit these sites every day. There is no denying that social networking websites have become an integral part of our lives, they are like our parallel virtual lives. Why not use this to your advantage? Make communities and discussion pages on these websites and promote your website.


Forums are the best way to get direct traffic to your website. However, many website owners use forums the wrong way. Do not spam a forum with your ads all over. Instead, you should become an active part of that particular community. You should participate in their discussions and maintain an active profile. After earning a good reputation and letting people know about your knowledge on that product, you can sell your website. I included my website’s link in my signature and that worked for me.

Social media marketing is very potent but it alone cannot bring your website success. You must follow the conventional marketing steps like SEO along with social media marketing – then it would do wonders for you.

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