Tips and Tricks of Selling Things Online

Business owners nowadays are shifting their focuses to online selling rather than traditional offline selling. The reason for that is quite straightforward and logical; online selling is easy, cost effective and provides a much bigger platform for selling stuff online. The biggest advantage of online selling is that you have access to literally millions of people around the world as a potential customer. Whoever isn’t doing business online is missing out!

Useful tips for selling online

  1. Always use good pictures and descriptions of the product you are selling. The picture and description is your sales pitch when you are selling through a website. Try to be comprehensive with the pictures, upload all angles. Try and take the best shots available.
  2. Don’t list your product’s price unreasonably high. Sure sometimes you’ll get those buyers who value expensive items over cheaper items but in the long run you’ll lose out. The only way you can get away with it is if you offer something better then the competition, for example top notch customer service.
  3. Learn the trends. I like to use Google Trends, eBay Pulse, Amazon Bestsellers, to spot new products and buying trends. These can tell you if it’s worth promoting a product or not. It can be the difference between a successful business and one that struggles.

Selling Random Items Online?

  • Get yourself registered with sites like Ebay, Amazon, or Half etc. You will be able to sell stuff for a fixed price. The website will take a percentage from the sale, but it would give you a great platform for selling your items. There are some sites which charge you for merely posting a sale; you can avoid them if you like but those sites usually have the most traffic.
  • If you wish to sell antiques and collector’s items, you can use the auction websites. This way you can sell your product which is unique to the highest bidder. People make fortune by selling antiques and valuables online. I know people who go to garage sales every weekend, get items for only dollars and sell them on eBay 10 times what they paid for them.

You have to think outside the box when selling online. There are plenty of places online which will allow you to post your items for sale. Are your customers there? If so work your way on that site, it can be an auction site and web forum or even a BLOG. Find a way to get noticed and sale your goods. It can be done and you can win!

Good luck!

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