Start Making Money by Selling Books Online

If you are a book lover you must have thought about it countless times: how do I make use of all the knowledge about books I have and convert it into money. If that is not the case with you, it certainly was the case with me.

Selling books and making profit out of it isn’t very difficult. However, the bigger the magnitude of your business the more looking after it will require.

Here are some points to remember if you are thinking of starting an online selling books business.

Find a book selling websites

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites operating in the market today. Online selling is at its peak. In the midst of that it is very crucial to your business, especially on initial stages that you find a good and product book selling website. Different websites have their different way of working; find the one which is most suitable for you. It would take an hour or two to get well informed about multiple websites; you can pick out some of the best of them and get registered with them.

Find a good supply source

By supplier I don’t necessarily mean a person who supplies book. It can be any source which regularly provides you with books. Since you are going to make a living out of book selling, it is important that the flow of book selling remains active.

Pay extra attention to this step, as it can be difficult to build a good stock with books. It is easier with clothes, books and electronics etc. But as a book lover you would know how hard it is to find good books.

Involve other book lovers

This is a further enhancement of the above mentioned step. Getting book enthusiast involved in your company will teach you a lot. Firstly you knowledge will increase, secondly you will find more sources to get books from. If you take it one step further, you can distribute tasks and manage your business more effectively.

Quality and condition of the books

Make sure that the books you buy are in good condition. Worn out books will make you and your business look bad. People love books and prefer to buy ones that are in good condition. If necessary, you can go through the process of cleaning and binding the books to make them look better.


Prices of the books you are selling shouldn’t be too high or even too low. The prices should be reasonable. By reasonable I mean such that a buyer would feel comfortable spending and you will get decent money out of it. That would create a win-win situation.

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