How to effectively do Email Marketing for Website?

Email marketing is something which is incredibly ignored by a lot of marketers, yet it remains one of the biggest mediums of promoting your website. Email marketing is not spamming in case you are wondering.

Here are some creative and unique email marketing tips for you:

Comprehensive email content: If you send out an email which concentrates on a single product or service you’ll get very few hits. The email you send out should be detailed, informative and inviting. If you are sending it to 50 people, 40 should genuinely take interested. That is the principal I followed. Don’t overdo it but put everything relevant in that email.

Do not use images: Many email services by default block images for security reasons. Also, many users are unable to view images, this irritates the receiver. Flashy emails with lots of pictures don’t look serious these days. Use text and less pictures, put in comprehensive information and make your email “readable”. It should give out the look of a professional email rather than a movie poster.

Avoid ‘spam words’: I have read many emails which keep on saying “free”, “exclusive”, “$1000000”, “win” etc. These words make your email look like spam and quite frankly it becomes a spam when you use such words. The other disadvantage of using the spam words a lot is that your email gets filtered by many internet service providers. You can also get into legal trouble with such emails. Sell your product but in a believable way.

Number of emails should be appropriate: Sending 40 emails a week or sending one email after two months will land you in the middle of nowhere. Over sending emails will mark you as a spammer and under sending email won’t be effective as the customer will forget about your product slowly. It is important therefore that you find the right number of emails to send. I send two emails every week, but do whatever suits your business model.

Timing of emails should be consistent: This little step is important for two reasons. One, if you send emails randomly you will appear on the spam radar of many ISPs. Two, your customers will know that when will you send them emails and they will start looking forward to it. Emails at every hour of the day will make them unwanted from customer’s point of view.


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