5 Creative Ways to do Email Marketing for Website

Many people will tell you that email marketing is dead and gone and indulging in it is a waste of time. To debunk such claims, I stand before you as an example of successful, lucrative and fruitful email marketing. Email marketing is in full flow these days and it is important way of marketing your website. Those you ignore it regret it later on.

Spamming and spam emails are not to be confused with email marketing. Email marketing in true sense is the way by which you reach out to the customers who are half interested in your product. The idea is to offer them products according to their interests and likes rather than spamming their inbox.

Email marketing I have seen is the most underrated yet effective way of marketing a website. With email marketing you need to get creative as there is a rather thin line between email marketing and spamming.

5 inventive ideas for email marketing for website

Here are the 5 creative ways for email marketing for website that I found successful.

1)      Encouraging visitors to subscribe for your email – This can be achieved by putting in a subscription form on every page on your website. Email subscription ad should be well made, attractive and tempting to look at. This can be challenging but if your website carries a good reputation people will subscribe for it. You can add encouraging captions like “get valuable and discounted offers by subscribing” etc.

2)      Send out regular email newsletters – Email newsletters are your website’s voice that will reach customer on monthly or weekly basis. Include all the latest and exciting stuff about your business. The idea is to regulating the sales out of buying customers while encouraging those who are interested but haven’t bought yet. You can use bulk email programs like iContact, Constant Contact or AWeber and others.

3)      Make new offers through email – Every business has discounted and special offers for special customers or to make visitors your customers. Instead of waiting for customers to find out these offers, why not send them emails so they can know what you are up to. If you see that the sales are beginning to slide you can concoct new offers and email them to your subscribers. It works better than you think, trust me.

4)      Follow up emails – A customer who has been inactive for sometime can be brought back by some personalized emails showing concern. You can make new offers to the customer. If a customer has purchased from you, you can ask for feedback or thank him. Such emails build a personal bond between you and your customers. Do not ignore it.

5)      Include “signature” and contact details – Include contact details in every email you send. The email should contain the address of your company (if you have a physical address), phone numbers, email addresses and other ways through which you can be contacted. A customer feels safer when he has ways to “track” you down. A website gains credibility if it is not shy of letting out its contact details.

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